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The Lie of Kurganomics

Thoughts while Elbow-deep in a Bucket of Chicken Wings

I don’t know what the Kurgan did in all his centuries of life in Highlander, but I can safely say he didn’t once try academia because right up to the end of the film he thought it was better to burn out than fade away. The man never burned out in his life and it shows.

Just look at this asshole. You just know he’s never been asked “shouldn’t you be writing?”.

How do you neurotypical fuckers do it? How do you convince yourselves every single bloody day that everything is somehow not on fire and things could be worse? Is serotonin really that powerful as a hallucinogen? You lucky bastards.

So yeah, we’re in Year 3 of The World’s Most Easily Controlled Disease Running Rampant Because World Governments Chose Private Profit Over Public Health, and the shitshow just keeps on going, and most governments have been so fucking atrocious about it that nobody trusts them even on the rare occasion they DO say something correct about controlling the virus. Social media is swamped with astroturfed losers spamming everything they can find that’s corona-related with how the pandemic is over because some dipshit economist said so.

I wish this tweet was not evergreen more than I wish for anything else in the world.

And all my friends are falling to the illness, one by one. You fucking dumbasses made such a goddamn mess of public health that you’ve made it inevitable that everyone will catch it, and people will keep dying. You fuckers have made it inevitable that I’ll catch it, no matter how careful I am because you can’t personal responsibility your way out of a public fucking health crisis, and I’m in that group of people that you don’t care enough about to want to protect. You know who. The disabled, the immunocompromised, the elderly, cancer patients, all the people in society that you would absolutely kill or do nothing to save without a second thought. How do I know you’d do that? Because that’s what you’re doing right fucking now, you scum-sucking parasites. You’re burning everyone out with your greed and stupidity and selfishness.

I’ve tried burning out.

Didn’t much care for it.

I want to fade away. I want to life to a ripe old age. I want to troll the shit out of my siblings’ kids and be too venerable to get called out for it. And I want to be in possession of as many of my original functioning organs as possible while I do. And you selfish, thoughtless bastards can’t even give me that meagre little dream.

God, you’re not even contemptible. You’d make me hope for an afterlife simply so you can go to the hell you absolutely deserve, but you’re not worth that kind of effort.

In lighter news, I was delighted to see the recent release of another WFRP book I helped write. Up In Arms is a funky book full of fluff, lore, rules and options for WFRP players who focus on fighting. You want Tilean Ogres beating people unconscious with their colossal pinched fingers and brutal fake Italian accents? We got you covered.

I’d have incorporated more into my regular WFRP sessions, only my laptop has decided that certain types of USB device can simply fuck off and I have 13 gigs of Foundry data stuck on my MP3 player with no way to copy it over. I’m sure Bill Gates is somehow to blame, that fucking nerd.

I’ve some other writing projects on the go, and I can’t really talk about most of them. One thing I can talk about is that delightful little initiative DrivethruRPG have going with a select few publishers that allows anyone to publish their own material under a certain publisher’s umbrella, as long as they conform to certain style guides, formats, copyrights and such. It’s a lovely way to let people who live and breathe a certain RPG to make a little money or even fame, and enriches the community as a whole.

So far I’m aware of D&D, Call of Cthulhu, Shadow of the Demon Lord and most of the Free League games (ALIEN was, unsurprisingly, far too valuable to the current rights holder to let anyone else monetise it so unfortunately that’s off the table), and I’m sure there are others.

I guess what I’m getting at is that I may be entering that space myself in the not too distant future. I have a notebook crammed with ideas that would never get past Games Workshop’s lawyers (who knew the hellish corrupted legions of Chaos had to be so family friendly!?), and I am a big fan of Rabert Schwalb’s policy of “As a publisher I’m too small to provide any major support, but as long as you don’t completely take the piss with what you want to write in my setting you go ahead you crazy kids” policy.

And that’s all I have to say for now. Oh there’s more I WANT to say but this will have to do because simply existing in this capitaslist hellscape is taking up the rest of my available energy. And I think we safely established that burning out is not something I’m considering revisiting.

Jesus christ we fucked society up so badly.


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