…am I to doot my own trumpet?

The face making thing had no whiskey bottle

Ciarán. Or Sarklor. Or Sarky. Or Cia- wait, we’ve done that.

A sentient beard that lives on memes, tabletop games, a little socialist fury and whiskey. I used to be a microbiologist, but [REDACTED] and then COVID-19 came along and that was the end of that.

When I’m not actively avoiding the death plague I write and run tabletop RPGs. I’ve loved the hobby since being introduced to it in college, and I’ve written adventures for most of the Irish games conventions. I’ve even won the odd award too, so I must be doing something right.

I’ve been laid up from my body betraying me or from surgery to FIX said treacherous body parts for the last 2-3 years, which led to me buying a microphone, downloading Audacity and reading short stories, poems, and more on SoundCloud, Twitch and YouTube. I some times stream although given my dog’s BOUNDLESS enthusiasm and the regular presence of a small nephew and smaller (but much louder) niece, I doubt I’ll be making Twitch affiliate this side of 2096.

Sarklor.ie is honestly just the result of me noticing nobody had registered the domain, so it will be a while before I figure out exactly what to do with all this. But it will certainly involve more purple. It brings out the green in my eyes, you see.