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A Wild Update Appears!

It uses Holiday! It's not very effective...

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’d love to say that’s because I’ve been really productive, but that would be a filthy lie. It has been more a case of screaming internally while work progresses at the pace of an indecisive snail.

This one is packed with details on everyday life in the Macharian Sector!

The Imperium Maledictum GM Screen came out recently, which was quite fun to have worked on.

Wrath & Glory is going strong, with Threat Assessment: Xenos and Redacted Records 2 releasing not too long ago as well. I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to seeing my name in these books that I read and play games with. Granted I can only claim a chapter or two in each, but still, it’s a hell of an experience, helping to create the whole.

Enemies! So many enemies!

Speaking of things with my name in, my WFRP campaign has progressed into Part 4 of the Enemy Within series. Skaven abound, and the players have had a devil of a time convincing the graf of Middenheim they not only exist but are planning to do something absolutely terrible. Some of them have previously heard of Brass Keep, which is going to make their journey there more interesting. I do love a bit of Nurgle.

My personal life still resembles a tornado of flaming garbage. It’s hard to get excited about anything that resembles progress; even if I found a cheap place to rent, how would I afford the obscene electricity prices? It’s actually impressive how many of these issues can be laid at the feet of Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael*. They have done a fine job of sabotaging society in the run up to an election they are likely going to lose, purely so they can have more ammunition to gripe with as they sit in opposition. Maybe not as badly as the tories over on Terf Island, but fucking hell they’re trying.

It focuses on religion, which in 40K is absolutely nuts and I love it.

I’ve taken a small break from all the writing, or to be more accurate, all the internal screaming and frustrations surrounding my attempts to keep to a writing deadline. I suspect I was burning out so slowly I didn’t notice, and I have other reasons for needing a couple of months where I don’t have any projects to work on. It’s… nice, not having anything looming over me, not having any “shouldn’t you be writing” guilt trips. It’s hardly a holiday; I have plenty of regular depression to ensure I don’t enjoy my time off. But it is at least kind of manageable.

Any that’s all you’re getting for now.

*And yes, the greens, but I remain hopeful that they will simply be completely wiped out in the next election due to their craven spineless antics.

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