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Life is hard when you’re severely depressed, poor, and trying to write professionally out of your childhood bedroom because there’s nowhere else you can afford in this nightmare capitalist wasteland. Also having a major health scare tends to make one… just a mite taciturn. It’s not serious, or at least it’s not as serious as originally thought, so, y’know, that’s nice.

That’s my excuse for a lack of updates, and by god I’m sticking to it.

Things are happening, and I suppose most of them are good, so I simply haven’t had either the time or capacity to write anything that wasn’t to a deadline and classified under an NDA. I still can’t talk about most of it, but that should change pretty soon.

One thing I can mention because I’m not under a non-disclosure clause is that the lovely French folks that made the virtual tabletop Let’s Role (God, I love that pun) approached me a little while ago about doing a little writing to include in the pack of little perks they give subscribers. I bang on about Foundry a lot because, well, it’s a good VTT, but I was a backer for Let’s Role when they launched a Kickstarter, and I’ve been following their progress closely ever since. It’s a pretty nifty place, with some very cool features I haven’t seen anywhere else. Also the dice feel really satisfying, someone put a lot of effort into those physics. You should check it out, it might fit the kind of game you want to run, and it won’t cost you anything you don’t want to pay. This is not a sponsored post, partly because I would never do that, partly because all of 5 people probably read this nonsense, and also because I say “fuck” far too often for that sort of thing.

Anyway. That’s me done for a while. Until my next existential crisis, friends!

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